Hmm… I am thinking I’ll write my blog in English “ONCE in a while” from now on. 

Please note ONLY once in a while. 

LOL~ I guess it’s a good way to practice my English writing although no one is going to

correct or modify it for me. 

I have some chance to write English email at work, but 80% of the contents are always, "Hi!  We have a bond trade done with you value 20XX/XX/XX.  Please kindly confirm the

trade details below and fax or email us the confirmation.  Blah Blah Blah….." 

This is so not fun.昏昏欲睡  Anyway, let’s start my first English writing in my blog. 

Well, actually this is not the first one.  I wrote a pretty short one before I went to Hawaii

last March.


OK. DoDo’s new house.  Why does my cat has a new house, but I do not?  嚎啕大哭 

Actually those little kitty houses have caught my eyes for a long time already. 

Last week when I went to Catty House to buy some "groceries" for my little Do.  

I saw those little houses again. 

The clerk said, "You can have 20% off today since you have our coupon."

Oh well~ that was really a sweet temptation. 

So Angel Isil and Evil Isil started fighting… 

"DoDo’s birthday is coming." 

"It’s damn expensive!"  

"DoDo will have fun with the house." 

"Maybe he is not interested in it." 

And I heard the clerk’s honey voice again, "20% off, only TODAY~~~." 

Evil Isil vanished.  Good Heavens!!  I spent NT $5,000 on my cat’s house. 

Either I lost my mind or DoDo put a spell on me, seldom did I spend five thousand dollars

on myself.  (Oh really? 吐舌頭

Haha…  Anyway, the good news is I think DoDo likes his new house. 

(Evil Isil: "He had better like the house; otherwise, I am gonna get a new cat and sell

him.  WAHAHA…") 


DoDo”My new house. Gorgeous, isn’t it?  Jealous? I am not gonna share it with you.”

Evil Isil”Because he is fat, there is no spare room for the other cat.”


Depressed DoDo”My sis is right. There is even not enough room for myself. 

                    Hey~ don’t laugh!  No room for my half tail and one leg ONLY!!”


A cat on the roof. 


DoDo"Why does dad put me on such a small roof?  Uncomfortable la~~~"



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